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Join us for hugs Sunday October 27, Trinity United Church & Main Street Newmarket

Guinness World Record Breaker

Newmarket Resident, Nancy Bodi received official approval from the Guinness Book of World Records to set a new world record for the most hugs by a team of 8 people in exactly 60 minutes.  Our Goal is 2,450 hugs or greater!

To do this, each Team Hugger member must hug 307 people, which is 5.1 hugs per minute OR one Hug every 12 Seconds!!

Our Eight Amazing Team Hugger Members are:

Rev. Linda Wheler, Tony Van Bynen, Jackie Playter, Glenn Marais, Deb Kelly, Kathy Proudfoot, Hitesh Parmar, Nancy Bodi


  • For the purpose of this record a hug means:Both arms must be wrapped round the other person in a close embrace.
  • No person may hug each Team Hugger member attempting the record more than once. That is, a participant may give a hug to every individual member of the team, and each of these counts as one hug, but he or she must hug each person on the team only once.
  • The Team Hugger members attempting the record must stand in the same location throughout the attempt.
  • The Team Hugger members must remain the same for the hour. If one leaves, they cannot be replaced.
  • A log book detailing the number of individuals hugged must be kept. An accurate method of counting hugged individuals must be pre-approved by Guinness World Records prior to the attempt.
  • The attempt must take place in a public place or in a venue open to public inspection
  • Evidence must be submitted (all details – available upon request)
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